4 Things You Should Know About Your Boudoir Session | Washington DC Intimate Women's Photographer

1. It's an all-women zone. For your privacy and comfort, the boudoir studio is for women only. That means everyone you meet at the studio that day - from the hair stylist and makeup artist, to me - will be a woman. While I'm sure your husband would love to tag along for your session, he's not allowed. Sessions are about female empowerment and confidence. You got this girl.

2. You'll be sore the next day. There are two things I hear after every session: that was so much fun! and I'm going to be so sore tomorrow! And if you did everything right in your session, you will be. I don't necessarily believe in the "beauty is pain" adage, but when it comes to boudoir posing, I'll have you moving in ways you aren't used to. It might feel weird, but it looks amazing.

3. It's all about your comfort level. Want to stay more covered up in an over-sized sweater? Sure! Want to bare it all? That's great too. Your boudoir session is all about how you feel and what you want to show off. Whether you want to wear a t-shirt or nothing at all, it's all possible.  

4. It will change how you see yourself. Not only because of the images you'll receive, but also because you did it. You took this step, this step to do something for you - about you - and it was amazing. Knowing that you can step out of your comfort zone, and that it was an incredible experience, will change the way you see yourself and how you approach future possibilities. Whatever it is, go for it

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