Boudoir is for Every Woman | Northern VA Boudoir Photographer

I hear so often from women that they love the idea of a boudoir session. 
That they want one.
They want to feel empowered. Free. 
They want to be bold. Be Daring.
They want to feel it all.

But, they say... 
They just had a baby.
Or they haven't worked out in a month.
Or they want to lose 20 pounds first.
Or they just aren't in a good place with their body.
Or they're too old now. 

Or, the worst... boudoir is for other women. 
Not for me.

I say...
Mothers are women too. 
You are still beautiful & sexy & powerful.
Boudoir isn't about going to the gym, it's about you right now.
Boudoir will give you that confidence back.
You're just as beautiful at 50 as you were at 25.

It's for every woman.
No matter your age or your body type.
The only thing holding you back is you.

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