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My goal with every session is to give women an experience that they will never forget. I want you to walk away not only with beautiful images of yourself, but also with a feeling of empowerment and confidence.

But that doesn't mean everyone on earth has to know about it.

Part of being empowered is having control over your own body and deciding who does and doesn't get to see it. That's why I take your personal privacy so seriously. 

All of the images you see on my website have been approved for public use by my clients. When I do a model call (or boudie call) in my private facebook group, a model release to use your images publicly is required, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Private sessions are always an option. Your images don't have to be shared with the world, they can be for your eyes only.

I take steps to make sure that your images will be protected. That's one reason I hold viewing and ordering appointments in person. I don't want your images online if they don't need to be.

And if you do allow me to use your images publicly (something that can feel empowering on its own) I won't use your name or tag you when they're used. 

I will never pressure you into something that you aren't comfortable with - whether it's before, after or during your session. Your trust in me is something I take seriously and would never take for granted. 

It's your choice, and always will be.

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