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I imagine if you're reading this right now, you're interested in a boudoir session. Maybe you've been thinking about it forever. How amazing it would be to have photos of yourself that look like the other women you see on my site. 

But something is holding you back. You're nervous. Or unsure. It could be for any number of reasons, or no reason at all. 

Maybe you've already read through the experiences other women have had, but in case you need just a bit extra I'll explain the process from beginning to end.

So what is a session like? What *actually* goes on??

Before we ever meet in person, you'll have received a complete guide full of information with everything you need to know. Seriously, that baby is packed with more details and information than you could imagine - just so you know exactly what to expect and how things work. We'll also chat for a bit on the phone. We'll talk about why you're interested in a session, what you'd like to do, and I'll answer any lingering questions you might have. 

Once session-day arrives you'll start by getting pampered by my hair and makeup team. Professional hair and makeup is included with every session because you deserve to feel nothing less than amazing for your boudoir shoot. I'll go through any wardrobe pieces you've brought with you and show you pieces from the studio wardrobe to help you select the looks you'd like for your session. I'll help you choose outfits that photograph well and make you feel your absolute best. The kind of feeling that'll make you go "hell yeah, I own this shit!"

After hair and makeup, it's time to shoot! When we begin shooting I'll give you a quick explanation of what to expect and general posing tips. From there, I will walk you through every single pose. Where to stand. Where to put your hands. Where to look. I'll even do the poses with you. All you need to do is follow along and trust that I know how to make you look and feel gorgeous.

We'll chat. We'll laugh. And the time will fly by faster than you know it.  And when it's time to leave, you'll strut out of there ready to take on the world.


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