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It's occurred to me that I haven't done a very good job of sharing what boudoir means to me. Because it's easy to think it's about feeling beautiful and having sexy photos of yourself. And that's true - I want everyone woman to feel beautiful. To have something to point at and think "that's ME and I'm HOT."

And while that's true, it's also more than that.

It's about doing something for yourself. For no other reason than you want to. It's about reveling in yourself. Celebrating who you are and the power that you have. You have the freedom of choice, and self-determination, and the ability to do anything you set your mind to.

From the moment we are born, society sends women a very clear but confusing message: be pretty, but not too pretty. Everyone is allowed to look at you, but you aren't allowed to like it. You have to be pretty in a certain way. Dresses are good, mini-skirts are slutty. There are rules that don't don't make any sense at all; they conflict and clash and make us doubt ourselves.

But forget all of that. You can wear WHATEVER YOU WANT. You can look however you want. You get to decide what makes you feel good. Because it's your body, your choice, your decision.

And boudoir is just another way to do that. It's about embracing everything that we are and ENJOYING it. Being able to look back and say "I DID that. I was bold and amazing and loved it."

Because when women walk out of my studio, they can do anything.

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