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I need to take time out from the usual sexy-photo-sharing-time to address this.

I talk to a lot of women about boudoir.
Women who contact me for a session.
Friends who are curious.
Fellow photographers who want to understand what it's all about.

You know what I hear most?
That seems so AMAZING but I could never do it myself because of my thighs...
... because I'm so awkward
... because I'm not sexy at all
... because I weigh too much.

Listen up because I'm only going to write this post once and then I'm going to send it to every person who says this to me:
That is complete and utter bullshit.

If you want your own boudoir experience
- and I think you do because you're reading this -
the only thing that's holding you back right now is your brain.

It's not about your thighs.
Or your size.
Or that you're not graceful.

You can do anything you want to. 
You're an adult. 
That's one of the perks.
(along with getting to eat ice cream for breakfast every once in awhile)

When you say those things to me, what I hear is I'm nervous and I'm scared.

And being nervous is fine.
I haven't met a single woman for a session who isn't at least a little bit nervous.

The problem is the way you talk about yourself.
Because you're beautiful.
And awesome.
And strong.

Be kind to yourself.

Negative thoughts have a way of taking hold.
Even ones said to be funny or modest.
They creep in. 

We begin to believe them.

So when you're in my studio, 
no negative self-talk is allowed.
You've done the work.
You've conquered your nerves.
Pushed through your fears.

Now it's time to unleash the you that you are always trying to hide.
The one that wants to enjoy herself.
The one that wants to be daring and bold.
Even if just for a few hours,

Let's be badasses together.

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