Overcoming Mind Blocks : Being Unphotogenic

I'm sitting at my desk right now thinking about all that's in store for the upcoming months and year. Last year was been a whirlwind and it's been so incredible to work with so many amazing women. Thinking back, it occurred to me that every single one of them had concerns and mind blocks they had to break through before their session. Whether it was an internal insecurity, or an external bump in the road, so many women had to shake off a block. So I thought I'd write about some of them. First up...

One thing I hear all the time from women is that they don't think they are photogenic.
For whatever reason, they simply don't think they take a good photograph. 

"I'm too goofy."
"I weigh too much."
"I don't like my face."

First things first, let's be real for a moment and admit that most of the people who are taking photos of us are not very good photographers. Your partner and friends are great people, but taking a good photo is not necessarily their best skill. I think a lot of us can relate to this. Bad angles and poor lighting will make anyone cringe when they see a photo of themselves.

Poor photography skills aside, if you ask anyone (man or woman alike), they could probably rattle off a list of things they would change about themselves. We compare ourselves to everyone around us, without ever really taking in what we see in the mirror - missing all the good things.

Using your appearance as an excuse is one that will stick with you forever if you let it. I bet when you look at a photo of yourself from 5, 10, 15 years ago - you see someone young and beautiful. Someone you wish had had the confidence to embrace she was. And in another 15 years, you'll be wishing you had embraced yourself today. In the end, the lesson here is that the time for self-acceptance is now. 

I want to help you love every part of who you are. When you come into the studio I will help you select the best looks and outfits for your session - highlighting all the best parts of you so you feel amazing the minute your session begins. From there, I will pose you from your head to your toes every moment of the way. I work with women of all shapes and sizes and know how to help you look and feel amazing.

Every woman that you see on my site is a real everyday woman just like you. They aren't models. What I do isn't photoshop trickery. I don't believe in changing a woman's body shape or removing permanent physical features because you should recognize who you are in your images.

And who you are is absolutely beautiful.

If you're ready to shed all the excuses and embrace you inner confidence with a boudoir session contact me and I'll help you get started. 

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hair & makeup: Jamie D'Agostino

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