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I heard this piece of advice recently and I had to share it with you.

Like most people I think, I struggle with self-doubt. It's natural to second-guess ourselves and wonder if we're doing the right thing.

At each step of the way I question:

am I doing the right thing?
is there a better option?
is this worth the struggle?
am I going to make an idiot out of myself?

But - and this is where the advice gets good - 
you're having these thoughts because you've already come SO FAR.

And that didn't happen by accident.

Your life has been a series of successes
(and setbacks for sure, but you've figured your way through those too)

You wouldn't have gotten here if you weren't a smart cookie who knew what she was doing.

I talk a lot about thinking every woman is beautiful (and I genuinely believe that)
But you're smart too. 

Have faith in yourself and know that all the goals you've achieved already, 
happened because you worked out the tough stuff and made shit happen.

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